Lansing Area African American
Genealogical Society

Volume 5, Issue 2
Fall 2011-2012 Newsletter
The Year in Review for the Lansing Area African American
Genealogical Society
Fellow LAAAGS member Maurice Sanders and I did a
session on “The African American Experience in
World War 1�.

The 2010-2011 year wrapped up in June with long time
Lansing Attorney Melvin McWilliams. Mr. McWilliams
shared his passion in researching his southern roots. His
journey has taken him in much direction from slavery,
civil war veteran, and the civil rights movement.

The LAAAGS origination was very blessed with
outstanding speakers this past year. We also continue to
make great strides toward completing a book on the
African American experience in the Lansing area from
1847 to 1930 the goal is to have the book completed by
2012. Many new members joined the LAAAGS origination
this year which is a plus. My goal this coming year 2011-
2012 is to have better member participation from our
members which I know is a daunting task with busy
schedules and the like.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and I look
forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting.

Best regards and happy researching ,

Jesse Lasorda
President LAAAGS
LAAAGS members touring Idlewild, MI, June 2010
LAAAGS  Past-President Jesse Lasorda at Mount
Hope Cemetery 2011
This has been an exciting year for LAAAGS we
tried some unique new things and relied on our
solid foundation from the past.

The year started off in February with a
wonderful program that was co-sponsored by
the Fred Hart Williams Genealogical Society
from Detroit.  Our guest speakers were Bryan
and Shannon Price from Buxton, Ont., who
gave a wonderful talk on Adam Crosswhite. We
were very blessed to have several libraries
participate a long with Civil War groups,
Quilting group and a Quaker researcher.
Our March program was a back to the basics
program on the fundamentals of State and
Federal census. Mike and Willye Bryan and
myself did an outstanding job of breaking down
varies censuses which included census
packets for those that attended the program.  

In early April the guest speaker was Roni
Sionakides who did a outstanding job in
conveying the important part the Quaker
movement played and how it related to the
Underground Railroad in Michigan and
throughout U.S.

The LAAAGS annual pilgrimage in May to the
LDS church was another solid event. There
were an array of programs offered to our