LAAAGS Celebrates Lansing's 150 Years
   â€œRemember, One Line Read and Retained is More Valuable Than A Volume Read
and Forgottenâ€�       (Marvin S. Ray)

   Marvin Shackelford Ray was born in Omaha, Nebraska, educated in the public
schools of Lansing, Michigan and earned degrees from Michigan State University,
Wilberforce University, and Western Michigan University.
   Professionally, Marvin worked as a college instructor at Lansing Community College
and Alcorn State University, a Vice President of Research and Production at Liquid
Glaze, Inc. and a Division Director for the State of Michigan.  He married Carrie Juliet
Washington and reared six children in the city of Lansing, Rossi Ray-Taylor, Karen
Lynne Ray, Celestine Antoinette Ray Hart, Candi Kathryn Ray, Dawn Veronda Ray and
Marvin S. Ray Jr.   
   Mr. Ray started writing poetry at about nine years of age and resumed writing in the
sixties, enrolled in a writing class at LCC and in the early eighties joined the Lansing
Poetry Club.  He published in 2001,
   Among the writings in his book are invocations presented for the  Rotary Club of
Lansing, Michigan and the invocation at the celebration of his high school’s 40th
graduation anniversary in June 1982.
We have quoted one of Mr. Ray’s essays from THE MOVING FINGER WRITES.

Rotary suits “me.  At first this might sound like an inane statement, nevertheless, I
repeat “Rotary suits me.â€�  I must confess that I’m leading you to the brink of
an allegory.

   The key word is “suitâ€�.  One of Rotary’s founders, Hiram Shorey, was a
tailor.  When one goes to the tailor or haberdasher for a new suit, several qualities are
foremost in your mind.  Let us examine a few of the more salient qualities:  Material,
Color, Fit, Style.
   Of what kind of
Material is Rotary made. Rotary is made of a fabric woven of men
and women who are leaders and decision makers in their professions, businesses, and
communities.  Rotarians are industrious and forthright.  This is excellent material from
which to build a community.  This material suits me fine.
When one considers suiting,
Color is of prime importance.  What color is Rotary?  
Rotary is woven from the threads of all colors of the human rainbow.  Among the
1,270,000 plus members of Rotary Clubs worldwide, are men and women of every color
united in a fellowship that spans the globe.  Close examination of Rotary and
Association with Rotarians reveal that the members are true blue…this color suits me
just fine.
How does the Rotary suit
Fit?  I have found Rotarians to be cordial, cooperative,
responsive, and interesting.  The association with Rotarians is stimulating and
pleasant.  The Rotary classification system ensures a mixture of career interest and
varied expertise.  Rotary fits me well.
What about
Style?  I think the Rotary style is very attractive.  Rotary is styled for
service; service above self, Rotarians serve their club, their community, their country,
their world, their God.  Rotarians are committed to the welfare of their families and
fellowship with other Rotarians.  I like this style.
   Paul Harris, Rotary’s founder, and the thousand of Rotarians who have followed,
have taken the cloth of truth, stitched it with the thread of fairness, trimmed it with the
buttons of goodwill and friendship, and tailored a garment that is beneficial to all
Yes – Rotary suits me just fine.  I am confident it will suit you too.â€�

Article submitted by Mary Jane McGuire