One never knows how far they may go until they try.

Cyril Kent McGuire, known by most as Kent, learned that,
"don't be afraid of any task as
long as it is honest work.

 After completing public schooling at Sexton High School in Lansing, Michigan,  Kent
enrolled at the University of Michigan.  He decided to do graduate studies at Columbia
University in NY where upon graduation, he was fortunate to be accepted at the
University of Colorado, in Denver, where he began his Doctoral Program.  Doctor
McGuire was Policy Analyst and Director of the School Finance Collaborative at the
Education Commission of the States (ECS) Denver, CO, Program director of Education
for the Lilly Endowment, Indianapolis, Indiana, where he directed all grant making related
to education reform in Indiana, as well as national education policy initiatives.  The Pew
Charitable Trust in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania delegated him the task of Program officer
of the education portfolio, where he was responsible for the Trusts’ national
initiatives in education reform.  It was from Pew that he was appointed and served as the
Assistant Secretary of Education in the Clinton Administration.  Kent was responsible for
a $400 million budget and 350 full-time staff in the Office of Educational Research and
 Cyril Kent McGuire lives in Moorestown, NJ with his wife, Dr. Eva Yvonne Montgomery-
McGuire and their two daughters, Kristin and Amanda McGuire.  Dr.  McGuire,
presently, is the Dean of Education at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  
Kent serves on many national and local boards and is a member of the Moorestown
School Board.
Native of Lansing, Michigan
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